The “Casa do Forno” is the main building of the development and takes its name from an old wood-burning oven that occupied a large part of the existing house in that space.

In addition to the space that serves as a reception, it has a common living room and kitchen, 4 bedrooms and 1 Suite.

This House is the result of the junction of two small dwellings, keeping two of the rooms with their respective entrance doors. Some memories of the old structure of the walls were preserved (stonework and stone seats…).

The large living room has a kitchen for breakfast, a fireplace, a reading and leisure area with TV and a small entrance hall to the rooms on the ground floor; access to the superior suite is via a wooden staircase.

It can also serve as a multipurpose space such as a meeting room or a permanent exhibition of natural or handcrafted products produced in the region. The living room opens onto the inner courtyard through a porch that expands the room's capacity or serves as an alternative to having a meal outside.

Casa do Forno, quarto Fogo
Casa do Forno, quarto Cinza


  • private bathroom
  • Free Wi-Fi Internet Access (fiber)
  • Air conditioning
  • Cradle or extra bed (on request)
  • Access to the public road: Gray and Stone rooms
  • Terrace for private use with extensive panoramic views of the Serra de Montejunto: Bamboo Suite
Casa do forno, quarto Cinza


We have a buffet breakfast service, and upon prior order we can also serve breakfast in your room or apartment.

We can also serve you other meals upon prior order.


Rooms - from €75.00 per night.
Suite - from €95.00 per night.

To book Casa do Forno exclusively, please contact us.

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