Artvilla provides the visitor with the tranquility and well-being of life in the countryside and in nature in an environment of rare quality, refinement and tranquility. Due to its size and characteristics, it reaches, by itself, the “family” level, paradoxically providing the easy meeting between guests or the most complete isolation or abstraction.

In addition to the houses that make up the accommodation, Artvilla has an interior patio that unites all the houses where guests can enjoy a wood oven and barbecue, or relax by the pool.

The terrace, which serves the swimming pool, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view over the northern slope of the Serra de Montejunto, is an invitation to moments of leisure and contemplation, accompanied by a cool drink on hot summer afternoons, with the installation of a small mobile bar when needed.

For all these characteristics, Artvilla can host the most diverse events.

Casa do forno, quarto Cinza


Artvilla is a rural tourism space consisting of 4 independent houses, which are divided into rooms, studios, T1 and T5.

It is part of the typology of tourism development in rural areas, in the field “Casas de campo”, combining traces of rurality with traces of modernity.

Its architectural design and construction model demonstrate standards of comfort and excellence. Its careful decoration obeys the ancestral principles of Feng-shui and the influences of contemplative cults and artistic exuberance that contribute to making this space a place of welcome, recollection and romance, an exponent of wellness and romance tourism.


The proximity of the Serra de Montejunto, which rises like a living back resting on the entire horizon, gives the place the magnitude of nature with all its freshness and strength, in a permanent invitation to enter and unravel the mysteries of its caves, the haughtiness of its boulders and the charms of its paths.

The climate is, in general, mild and balanced, without excessive humidity due to its immense exposure to the sun. And the peacefulness of the village and the daily life of its people contribute to creating the atmosphere of tranquility, serenity and silence essential to the essence of rural tourism. Ensuring that space, a territory of “stress free” and refuge from the hustle and bustle of the city.

If Serra de Montejunto is the “balcony of Estremadura”, Artvilla is its porch.

Serra de Montejunto

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